Aluminum for architectural applications undergoes various surface processes in order to improve its corrosion behavior and achieve the desired appearance and coloring to serve all decorative requirements. Methods that have prevailed over time are powder coating, anodizing and wood finishes. Despite the impressive development of the procedures above some defects such as color variation, blemishes, scratches, spots etc can be observed.
Defective and unacceptable paint, according to the law, is that, which is apparent from a distance of three (3) meters from the surface of the particular construction.


I.R.F. may identify defective products and accept refunds under conditions.
For more information, see our Return Policy form.


When you receive an order, you are obliged to check that the color and the quantities of the profiles and the hardware are correct (the quantities that were confirmed upon ordering). This order has been manufactured according to the details you gave and once you accept it, it cannot be returned.
Please note that as soon as you have cut or made any changes to the I.R.F. items that you have received, you formally take ownership and responsibility of them. No refund or exchange will be offered if any changes to the length or condition of the items have been made, same applies for hardware.



Aluminum Surfaces - Cleaning is Important

Aluminum has a natural beauty and luster. Its surface can be treated in various ways to produce different effects, which in the hands of the skilled architect lends itself to some excellent effects and variations, and contrasts with other materials. For this reason and because aluminum is so well-proven in service, it is now by far the most common material for exterior work such as windows, doors, railings, fences, curtain walls and shop fronts.

The surface of aluminum can be spoiled by improper care and the purpose of this note is to summarize the methods of maintaining aluminum after proper installation on site.

Grime, which causes deterioration cannot be prevented from settling on exposed surfaces. If cleaned reasonably frequently then the mildest methods of washing will produce satisfactory results.

There are many ways to clean aluminum, from using plain water to harsh abrasives. The type of cleaning that should be used is determined by the finish, degree of soiling, and the size, shape and location of the surface to be cleaned. Regular cleaning of the surface with the correct materials will ensure an everlasting product.

The mildest method possible should be used. The following cleaning materials and procedures are listed in ascending order of harshness. The mildest treatment should be tried on a small area and if not satisfactory only then should the next item be examined. Before cleaning consult a specialist.

  • Plain water
  • Mild soap or detergent
  • Non-etching chemical cleaner
  • Wax base polish cleaner
  • Abrasive wax
  • Abrasive cleaner

After applying the cleaner, aluminum should be washed down thoroughly and dried with a clean cloth. There should be no concentration of the cleaner at the bottom edges of the aluminum. If using proprietary cleaners, the maker's recommendation should be obtained and followed carefully.
If abrasives are used, then the appearance of the aluminum finish may be altered. If there is a grain in he finish (structura, sable, sahara colors) then the first four (4) ways of cleaning have to be used. Once the condition of the surface requires the use of abrasive or etching materials it is advisable to consult either cleaning specialists, or I.R.F.’s Technical Service Department will be pleased to offer advice.



I.R.F. at its discretion may accept products of its manufacture for return. Material credit is subjected the following conditions:

  • An application containing the following information should be filled:

Delivery / Pick up DatesResent the confirmed order Invoice NumberMaterial DescriptionQuantityReason for return request

  • All materials to be returned must be packed, not processed (in any way), in re-sellable condition and in full length sizes.
  • Credit will be given for quantities actually received by I.R.F. in perfect condition and subjects to I.R.F.’s inspection.
  • Transportation costs are borne by the customer.
  • Material must be returned within 15 days of dispatch of the application otherwise it is non-returnable.
  • Credit applies to returned products. There is no cash refund.
  • Customized colors or customized items are not returnable.



Our products can be shipped in the following ways:

  • In pre-assembled panel ready for installation
  • Cut and processed in required dimensions
  • In 6m bars (only for fences)

NOTE: Some of our models are delivered only in pre-assembled panels by I.R.F


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